Under the General Data Protection Regulation and our Privacy Policy, you have the right to request that we remove your personal information from our systems.

We believe in transparency and personal privacy, and therefore the only reasons we store personal details are:

  • You filled in a form on this website.
  • You joined our mailing list by entering your email address in the form at the top of this page, or by entering a competition covered by our terms and conditions, or on the platform of a third party whose terms and conditions clearly stated that you consented to share your details with us.
  • You communicated with us via e-mail.
  • You created an account on this website or placed an order.

If you would like to see what data of yours we hold or remove your data from our systems, you just need to complete this simple form, and we will act on your request within 7 working days. Alternatively, you can email us at GDPR-request [AT] emerentsiabooks [DOT] com, and we will be happy to assist you.