Stolen Truth

Book 2
Author: Nathalie M.L. Römer



Far in the north there is a city untouched by the Wolf Riders. But it has its own battles to fight, its own history to unravel.

Alagur only knows it as the North City. Marrida has never heard of it.

Centuries ago, it was a magnificent city, rich in history and wealth. It was the bastion of power for the Callers.

But something happened that the Keepers cannot even see in their visions. The city is not just closed physically, but in the visions as well. It is rumoured to be where the corruption of the Wolf Riders started.

How or why. That is a mystery.

Marrida and Alagur visit the city for answers. They find mysteries instead.

They must unravel the past to know what goes on in the city now...



The Wolf Riders of Keldarra


nine-book epic fantasy series that follows the story of Marrida and Alagur as they seek to uncover the mysteries of the Wolf Riders and the Order of Truth.

The answers lie in the past, and someone is trying to use it to alter the future of the fate of all.


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