About Us


General Information

Emerentsia Publications is an independent small press, founded by Nathalie M.L. Römer and B. Anders Davidson. It began its operations in 2015 and we're based in Gusselby, Sweden. It primarily specialises in the genres fantasy, mystery, science fiction, romance, but it is opening up to other genres in due time. We publish our books in British English and utilise the "Print On Demand" functionality of Ingram to bring our books to your favourite book store.


Our Imprints

In 2018 we added several new imprints to give us a specialised market for certain types of books. There are three imprints:

Emerentsia Publications - our mainstream imprint we publish most of our books under. Not yet accepting any submissions.

Crowerotica Fantasies - a commercial "brand" to publish erotica titles. Not yet accepting any submissions.

Oh! With Dots - our non-fiction imprint. Not yet accepting any submissions.


A fourth imprint is in the pipeline, but we can give no details out until 2020.